Tigerman Woah!

Fri Sep 27 2019 8:00pm to 11:00pm
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Tigerman Woah

TIGERMAN WOAH - "Hole In My Belly" (Live at Base Camp in Coachella Valley, CA 2016) #JAMINTHEVAN

Tigerman Woah is a 4 piece rock n roll band based in Lynn, Massachusetts. Their high-energy blue collar boot-stompin' music has brought them to bars and festivals across the country. Two georgia boys moved up south to find work across the mass line. Depressed, barely employed, and drunk, they found comfort in old american music. The rawness and conviction in blues, appalachian folk, punk, and rock n roll inspired them to start writing music together. They were blessed to find kindred souls in a pair of musical friends drinking next to them at the Buchanan Cafe, at the crossroads of Eastern and Western Ave in Lynn, MA in 2012. This was the birth of Tigerman Woah. After 3 EPs, the band released their first full-length self-titled album on Labor Day 2016. The record expands upon the bands established practice of tender but angry group-singing about drinking, international politics and class war.