Shamarr Allen w. Savoir Faire

Sat Jun 29 2019 8:00pm to 11:00pm
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Shamarr Allen

Shamarr Allen-Hit the Sean Payton (Official Video)

Shamarr Allen is the definition of New Orleans Music! Hailing from the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, Allen has influences in jazz, hip hop, rock, funk, funk blues and country. He is the lead vocalist and trumpeter of his band "Shamarr Allen and the Underdawgs".

In addition to performing with his band, Allen has collaborated with many renowned artists such as Willie Nelson, Galactic, Mannie Fresh, Patti Labelle, Harry Connick Jr. and Lenny Kravitz to name a few. In addition to displaying his skills on the frontline as a lead performer, Allen is also a music composer, writer, producer and multi instrumentalist. With a scintillating and unique sound, look and examplary talents, Allen transcends musical boundaries. He is the True Orleans Experience!

“Many New Orleans musicians blend jazz and brass band music with bounce, hip-hop, funk, soul, R&B and more. Shamarr Allen has a name for his blend: True Orleans.” – Will Coviello, Gambit Weekly

“On the album, “Weekend Dance” evokes a Big Easy version of Twenty-One Pilots. Horns and hip-hop intermingle on “Keep Up” and elsewhere, traditional and modern New Orleans music are mixed together.” – Keith Spera, New Orleans Advocate

“The first song, “The Greatest Place in the World (feat. Big Freedia)” mentions many things that make New Orleans great such as jazz, bounce and crawfish. The track is infused with trumpet solos and fun lyrics such as, “The city where grandma is gettin’ down in the kitchen / City where musicians can actually make a livin.’” This song sets a tone for the rest of the album that is unequivocally New Orleans.” – Bryce Berman, Offbeat

“Shamarr Allen has proven his musical chops by performing non-stop in many of New Orleans' most prestigious clubs.” – Emily Hingle, Where Y’At Magazine

Savoir Faire

Savoir Faire "Education" (The Old Spruce Sessions)

Described as "A sort of rock- and ’60s-lounge-inflected jazz that positively brims with energy and a sort of underlying sense of whimsy" (Victor Infante), Savoir Faire is the musical project of guitarist and singer/songwriter Sarah Fard. Recorded at home and sweeping in just before the wrap of 2018, Savoir Faire's album "Machine With A Memoir" was listed as one of the top 10 local albums of the year by the Worcester Telegram. The music of Savoir Faire aims to evoke critical thinking with lyrics that focus on contemporary issues- all the while blending the soul of vintage jazz with a bit of an edge.
At the core of Savoir Faire's music is Sarah's belief that music can be an effective tool for social change, and she applies that belief to her work in the local music scene. Sarah started the A Guitarist Is concert series in an effort to diversify the identity of "The guitar hero," and is an advocate for making music opportunities available for all. Sarah is also a music educator in the Boston area who is committed to making the music class accessible to students with special needs. Her efforts garnered her a Berklee Urban Service Award in 2018.
"Sarah had a way of drawing you in with a quiet confidence, but it was pure confidence. Funny and quick on the wit, but serious once the playing started…and this girl can play. The quiver in her voice coupled with the warm tone from her archtop guitar and jazz stylings won me over immediately."- Brian Carroll, Red Line Roots.

"(Machine with a Memoir) presents a textured and shaded study in longing, applying the emotion in different ways to a slow-burn jazz groove that periodically rumbles and rumbles, and yet somehow always feels constricted and tightly controlled [. . .] not a note is wasted" - Victor Infante, The Worcester Gazette