People Like You w. Mamma's Marmalade

Thu Apr 18 2019 8:00pm to 11:00pm
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People Like You

People Like You - "Sounds of the House"

People Like You is a freewheelin' freak folk traveling circus band that creates rifts in the fabric of space and time. "Music for the people, by the people, with no specific people in mind." -Chris Hislop, The EDGE. Juxtaposing vaudevillian mischief, eastern rhythms, and psychedelic folk-rock madness with curious lyrical content and bizarre pop sensibilities, the sound is charismatic, inspired, kooky, and at times haunting. The singer/songwriter tandem of road warrior rabble-rouser Eli Elkus and his contemporary bohemian cosmonaut Andrew Polakow have created a sound that is strangely captivating and yet somehow familiar, like a new friend you swear you've known all of your life. It's the kind of thing that'll kick your brain, rattle your bones, drop your jaw, tickle your fancy, turn your head and make you say, "Huh... I can get down with that." The shows are amusing to say the least and an open invitation for everyday people, the freakers, and the funkies to get down in the dirt and get a little strange with each other. It's in the name - People Like You.

Mamma's Marmalade

Mamma's Marmalade "Ways That I Went" (The Old Spruce Sessions)

Mamma's Marmalade has always brought a fresh vibrancy to old traditions. Since their formation in the spring of 2014, the Northampton, MA-based quintet has delved into the limitless capabilities of classic bluegrass instrumentation (banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar and bass) and explored the parallels of acoustic music, ranging from the blues to Old Time, from gypsy jazz to bluegrass. The authenticity of their music calls listeners back to a time when wooden instruments, analogue sound and sweet vocal harmonies captivated the hearts of America. With a deep respect for tradition, and an eye towards contemporary music, Mamma's Marmalade brings an exciting new energy to the enduring narrative of American folk music.

You may have seen one of their spirited performances on stages at The Fresh Grass Festival, Joe Val Festival, The Shea Theater and on many more stages throughout New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Maine. They have had the privilege of sharing bills with artists such as Jayme Stone and Fruition. They recently released their debut full length record, “Goodbye, Black Velvet” in June of 2017, followed by a successful release tour.