The Meadows Brothers w. Karyn Ann, Timothy Jackson Scott

Sun Oct 29 2017 7:00pm to 10:00pm
This show is free, enjoy!

The Meadows Brothers

FRB In Studio | The Meadows Brothers – Understanding You

"Dustin and Ian Meadows prove that roots music is an unending resource, turning early influences gleaned from the Band and Gillian Welch into an engagingly twangy sibling sound all their own." - THE BOSTON GLOBE

"...jack-of-all-trades instrumentalists who have come together to create a truly amazing musical experience. Oh, did we mention they are barely old enough to drink?” - Chip McCabe, LONESOME NOISE

“There is so much emotion in the way these two play together. You can’t not like these guys. Everything about them is genuine and honest.” – Red Line Roots. NO DEPRESSION

“The Meadows Brothers prove that a family bond makes for great music.” - Sean Moeller, DAYTROTTER

Homegrown Folked-Up Countrified Rocknrolled Roots Music, served up sibling style. The Americana roots duo, The Meadows Brothers, deliver with ease and humility blood harmonies, unsweetened songwriting and expressive musicality. Songs are carefully crafted with an old soul sensibility combined with a youthful contemporary energy. "Vocal harmonies that will melt your heart into mush, guitar runs that will set your hair on fire..." and supple blues-tinged harp playing give The Meadows Brothers that stand out performance quality.

Karyn Ann

Karyn Ann w/The Colin Trio at the White Eagle A9_ymz174a

With a voice known to “beguile the most inattentive bar-goer,” Karyn Ann has gained notoriety as a skilled singer and songwriter. A New York native, she’s migrated coast to coast performing her brand of indie acoustic soul, reminiscent of 70s troubadours like Bonnie Raitt and modern artists like Brandi Carlile. Her song The Ender has appeared in a feature-length indie film and her song Listen My Dear was commissioned for a short film. She performs all over the Portland area and tours nationally. She’s currently finishing an album set to be released this fall.

Timothy Jackson Scott

Timothy Jackson Scott - Nor Did I Turn Back

Timothy Jackson Scott is a folk singer and songwriter, haling from Milford, NH, concerned with carefully crafted music and the deliverance of a powerful performance.