Dynamo w. Skunk Jesus

Thu Nov 1 2018 8:00pm to 11:00pm
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Dynamo - Your Touch (Celina)

Dynamo is a Nashville-based, nationally touring band whose music fuses jazz, rock, and funk with elements of soul and R&B. The culmination is a sound that’s both spontaneous and composed—and an energy that’s undeniably infectious.

Formed in late 2012, Dynamo consists of nine core musicians. When they’re not performing or recording in Nashville, the band is on the road, spreading their unique brand of feel-good music to audiences all over the world.

Skunk Jesus

Skunk Jesus: Coco Chinkras

"When you have to create something from nothing, sometimes it's divine. There are other times when it stinks. That is Skunk Jesus, we are his disciples."

Skunk Jesus is skunk jazz, improvized post music, and an eclectic, wild show.

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