Trio Balkan Strings

Trio Balkan Strings - Stampedo - (Official Video 2010)HD

TRIO BALKAN STRINGS performs its original guitar music, a fusion of Balkan music: Serbian, Gypsy, Macedonian, Romanian, Moldavian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Mediterranean, Greek, Oriental…Jazz, Gypsy Swing, Classical music, asymmetrical rhythms and original guitar interpretation. The result, "Balkan Swing World Fusion", is virtuoso, rich and unconventional, fresh and spontaneous, brimming with energy.

They have performed in many Festivals (Jazz, Classical Guitar, World music) and concerts in: USA, Canada, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Russia, Moldova, Slovakia, Chech Republic, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, UK, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia.

Zoran STARCEVIC – guitar
Nikola STARCEVIC – guitar
Zeljko STARCEVIC – guitar