SOULSHA - Rhythm's in the Melody (Official)

“Multi-talented and visionary, Soulsha is more than a fresh breeze blowing; it’s a tsunami of hope and high energy intercultural awareness washing onto our shores just when we need it. DANCE and ACT now!”
–Alasdair Fraser, Scottish Fiddler

"…this is purely infectious stuff… It’s fresh, bold and exciting, and defies you to listen without moving and grooving to the beat; you might need to advise nearby friends, co-workers or fellow commuters in advance."

-- Sean Smith, Boston Irish Reporter

 Soulsha brings together some of the Boston area’s top musicians from backgrounds in Scottish, West African, and Funk music, for an unparalleled sound that’s simultaneously a party, a revolution, and an adventure through different traditions. 

The band came together through chance meetings and connections in the thriving multi-cultural music scene of Boston. Though each of the members is deeply rooted in their respective traditions and they enjoy successful careers in those realms, they share a love of musical exploration, fusion, and breaking down the boundaries. 

“Being able to come from such different angles and put that experiment in front of an audience is really thrilling,” says founding member Elias Alexander (vocals, bagpipes). “Every show we get to watch people’s habitual associations vanish, until nothing is left but the pure joy of the music. No more separation.”