John Ferrara and Seth Moutal Duo

"Jackie Chan" by John Ferrara + Seth Moutal

Praised by critics as, “stunning” (No Treble), “powerful” (Bass Player Magazine), and “introducing the world to a brand new sound” (Home Grown Music Network), The John Ferrara and Seth Moutal Duo are a visionary virtuoso duo whose genre-defying pieces are pushing the boundaries of musical expression and providing audiences with high doses of sparse minimalism and complex virtuosity in equal measure. John Ferrara, bassist for globetrotting psych-fusion stalwarts Consider the Source, brings his powerful solo compositions to life with the aid of virtuoso percussionist Seth Moutal. The music is filled with pulsating drums, tapping, slapping, and sweeping bass melodies, and ankle bells; which allows for rich Indian melodies to meet and dance with progressive rock, jazz, classical, metal, and everything in between. The duo’s compositions range from sophisticated jazz conversations (“Jackie Chan” and “Cymatic”) to funky, North Indian inspired grooves (“Gramma Jeanie”) to long-form, orchestral arrangement in solo pieces (“Alternate Endings”).

With their debut album, “Frail Things in Sharp Places”, the duo has emerged as a unique and singular spectacular achievement of dexterity, emotion, and expertise and . The hard-charging, reflective and intricate album has received acclaim from Bass Player Magazine, No Treble, and other music journals.